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25 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home Using Home Alterations

25 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home Using Home Alterations
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Your home is where you can do anything you want without any worries. Your home is the best place you can gather family members, friends, as well as colleagues and have fun, share jokes and enjoy every moment.

In essence, your home is one of the most significant investments you can make in your lifetime. Buying and selling a home is a decision that you should not rush into making. You have to consult widely, conduct thorough research or seek recommendations. Many home improvements can increase the value of your home.

You may not know how to value your house or where to start and make estimates of how much your home should cost. With the help of financial experts or home valuation experts, you may get a rough estimate that can work miracles if you do not know where to start. The good news is that there are incredible ways that can help increase the value of your home.

25 Home Alteration Ideas

1. Apply a fresh coat of paint

One of the incredible ways to increase your property value is through painting your interior with new fresh paint. Go for neutral colours such as purple, beige and green among other paint designs. It is advisable to shun bright colours such as yellow, pink and dark shades.

If you are making home improvements under a tight budget, it is wise to paint those rooms that you think will be frequently used such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

2. Replace wallpapers with a fresh coat of paint

Whenever you plan to sell or rent your home, keep in mind that wallpapers are a turn off to many home buyers. To get the maximum value of your home, you need to remove any wallpapers and replace them with attractive and neutral colours. If you like wallpapers, go for simple patterns that will not cover huge spaces.

Paint Over Wallpaper

3. Opt for nice lighting

Many surveys undertaken in the construction sector have cited that lighting is one of the key ways to increase property value. Home buyers will pay much attention to the kind of lighting in a home on sale. It is thus advisable to add attractive lighting to your home.

Install glass holes in the roof that help allow light into the home naturally. You can also replace stuffy curtains as well as old light bulbs. Don’t forget to go for LED lights that are more energy efficient.

New kitchen Lighting

4. Invest in new home appliances

Equipping your home with new appliances is one of the exceptional ways to increase the value of your home. Furnishing your home with a new washing machine, fridge and even a new oven among many other home appliances can quickly increase the value of your home.

Any home installed with new devices will tell a buyer that the home is an up-to-date and worthy investment. If you are on a budget, replace only those appliances that you think will be essential to the new home buyer.

New home appliances

5. Replace your flooring

If your house has worn out or stained floors, you need to replace the flooring, and without a doubt, you will increase house value. Get rid of old carpets that can turn-off buyers.

Dirty tiles or scratched wood floors should also be replaced as they can cause the value of your house to fall. Depending on the budget you have set, you can change the look of your kitchen or the living room and bathroom flooring as these are the most used rooms in a house.

New home flooring

6. Re-Plastering The Ceiling

Among the best ways to add value to your home, you should not forget about the ceiling of your home. You can add up a refined custom ceiling that will help your home stand out.

Install A New Ceiling

7. Undertake necessary repairs or maintenance chores

You can imagine the feeling of buying a new home and then end up spending extra money on repairs and maintenance. You thus need to ask yourself, what will increase the value of my home? Then you can figure out what repairs you need to undertake. For instance, basic repairs like roof leaks, broken windows or damaged rain gutters can make a difference.

Small home repairs

8. Invest money on your kitchen

Your kitchen is the most important room in your home and also imperative when it comes to the value of your house. Most home buyers focus on the kitchen, so you need to do the necessary remodelling and you will get good money for the sale.

new kitchen

9. Install unique kitchen countertops and cabinets

Installing new and unique countertops and cabinets is a high-value undertaking that can yield good after sale results. If you want a cheap fix on your house, you need to hire a reputed resurfacing company to work on your countertops and cabinets. Marble is an effective material to use.

New kitchen worktop

10. Create more room or space in the house

Among the many home improvements to sell a house, you may have in mind, creating extra space in your house is definitely rewarding. You can knock out unnecessary walls and have a more open plan living space.

Living room

11. Install modern and new windows

Go for energy-efficient windows that will also make your house look more appealing and beautiful. These are kind of windows that will provide essential insulation that will help the new homeowner save extra money on home cooling and heating.

Modern Windows

12. Refurbish your front door

Your front door is the first fixture buyers will come into contact with as they enter your home. Repainting your front door will grab the attention of new buyers before they enter the property.

Front Door

13. Go for solar panels

Many homebuyers are into green technology and energy efficient houses. Choosing to install solar panels in your home is one great way to increase the value of your home. Solar panels will not only make your home look more modern but also appeal to many buyers as possible.

Solar Panels

14. Update your home siding

Vinyl siding is the in-thing among many construction companies and many homeowners are opting for this technology. Siding gives your home a facelift that will reward you after the sale of the home. It also helps in reducing heating and insulation costs.

Home Sidings

15. Upgrade brickwork

If you fancy brick walls, you can upgrade and give it a new look that will appeal to buyers.

Living room brickwork

16. Add flowers to your garden

If you are still wondering, what upgrades add value to your home, try properly landscaping your home. Adding flowers along the edges of your house will give your home on sale a new look that will without a doubt attract new buyers. Go for bright colours like Hibiscus and Azaleas.


17. Add a sprinkler

Having a sprinkler reduces weed growth and increases plant growth. So, increase the value of your home by getting and installing the best sprinkler in the market.


18. Clean up the front door walkway

You need to make the walkway to your home a major attraction and this possible growing plant flowers along the front door and keeping the surface as clean as possible. Install small lamps along the walkway concrete to grasp the attention of potential buyers.

Front door steps

19. Include a healthy lawn

Healthy green grass in your garden is a major attraction to new homebuyers. Ensure it is free from weeds and covers the whole lawn.


20. Ensure a simple landscape

having an attractive, low maintenance garden will increase the value of the home.

Garden lawn

21. Clean the entire house

Your house cannot sparkle and stand out if it is not thoroughly cleaned and tidy. Among the many ways on how to add value to your house, don’t forget to dust the surfaces, wipe down any appliances you own, clean the bathroom and kitchen as well as the floors. Feel free to empty your closet to create more space.

Clean Living Room

22. Get rid of any traces of a pet

We love our pets, but many many home buyers might not. So, to increase the value of your home, get rid of any pet mess, discard pet supplies and make the best impression you can.


23. Get rid of personal items

As you figure out how to add value to your home, don’t forget to remove personal items. Toys and souvenirs can be a big turn off to potential buyers who want a blank canvas to start their new home.

Personal Items

24. Don’t make any large renovations

Before you sell your property, do not let the idea of making a large renovation negatively impact your home improvement ideas. You might make unnecessary renovations that will not pay back the entire amount you spent after the sale. Shun the idea of including external bathrooms or adding a swimming pool, unless you know for sure this will increase the value.

Home swimming pool

25. Seek professional advice

As you prepare to sell your house, you should be patient enough and also entertain the services of a professional in the real estate sector. Consulting an expert will help you make the right home alterations and decisions that you will never regret.

Professional Builder

To Sum Up

You may think that a loft conversion adds value to your home but don’t forget that many other home improvements are worth the hassle and investment. At all times, put your house on sale if you feel you are ready.

At Castle Point Construction, we will guide you on how to increase the value of your house hassle-free and at the lowest cost possible. We have a team of experts who will guide you to make home alterations that will mean a massive boost to the general worth of your home. So if you need a builder in Southend or anywhere in Essex get in touch today.

home renovation ideas

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