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Types of Bacteria in Buildings

types of bacteria

Bacteria are organisms found in every home, building and office. They can survive in rocks, oceans, soil and even volcanoes. The types that are prevalent in our surrounding depend on a host of factors. Some live with other organisms, while others exist on their own. Like moulds, an increase in their level can pose threats […]

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The Different Types of Kitchens


Do you want to build a new kitchen or remodel the old one? Regardless of which option, how you effectively make use of your workspaces is the most crucial factor in planning the layout of your kitchen. Every kitchen typically has three workspaces which collectively form the kitchen work triangle. The sink is the first […]

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When Was My House Built UK?

when was my house built

You just settled in your new home. And you realised that it doesnÂ’t look like the rest of the houses in your neighbourhood and it sparks your interest. You ask yourself “what year was my house built?” Apart from satisfying your thirst for knowledge, it is essential to know when your house was built. The […]

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