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All about Bungalow Loft Conversion

Bungalow Loft Conversion
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Attempting to convert our extra space at home into something remarkable and usable is something we all want. There is no denying the fact that the lofts in our houses eat up a major portion and thus, it leaves us with a craving for more space that takes us to the loft conversion ideas. And who doesn’t want more space when they can!

So, the homeowners in and around the UK tends to opt for loft conversion whenever required and it has been a popular home décor idea since long now. But is the process that easy? Well, if we go by the basic statistics, only the experts in the business can execute this work graciously. Otherwise the idea may even backfire and obviously, that wouldn’t be liked by anyone!

So what are the proceedings of loft conversion? Do you need permission for that? What are the costs for a luxe loft conversion? What designs suits the conversion best? We will discuss more all these in details below

The permission agenda

A planning permission is not needed for standard room’s loft conversions. However, in certain criteria, the permission may be required like if

  • The newly converted loft area is over 50-meter cube,
  • If side windows are to be included which are non-obscure glazed and placed above the floor in less than 1.7m,
  • On the front elevation, the dormer is placed beyond the plane,
  • The dormer will be placed within 20 cms of the eaves,
  • If you live in a conservation area or the designated area listings include the name of your house,
  • If the dormer is higher than your current roof height

In all these above conditions you must procure planning permission. But check with your local governing body is still recommended under every circumstance and before you start with the conversion process. Regardless of the fact that the planning permission depends on the conversion types, you still need the approval of the ‘building regulations’ officials to start the loft conversion work in your bungalow.


The loft conversion is a long process which needs suitable guidelines to be followed or else t may bring on some unnecessary trouble which the homeowners would not like to have. The assessments of the loft must be done wisely by the experts so that it can be utilized well for the extra space. The likes of the head height, the type of structure of the roof, the pitch angle of the roof, the water tank placement and other such important factors must be considered well before the work of the conversion begins. If you fail to adhere to the safety rules then the process can lead to more damage than the benefit of the conversion.

The cost

The loft conversion cost depends majorly on the size and area of your bungalow. Also, the design you choose plays a major role in cutting down or increasing the cost of your loft conversion. If you go by the simple designs and easy installation procedure then the cost is much low and can range from £10,000 to £15,000.

But when you move on to complicated designs and crave for the extra add-on, then the cost can even jump to £30,000 to £40,000 also. But there are cheaper options available too where you can customize your conversion ideas according to your budget and the conversion experts would follow the designs to convert the lofts into what you want. So, in these kinds of packages, the cost is cut down well and the designs are also customized according to the likes of the homeowners.

The handy loft design ideas

Well, it depends entirely on which portion of the loft you want to convert or what kind of design you want. Generally, the room-in-roof conversions include skylights, staircases, lighting, heating, floor reinforcement, building regulations like smoke alarm and doors, fire safety measures etc. these are the very basic loft conversion ideas that people go by! Apart from these, there is the dormer loft conversion where the dormer windows are added on the loft and thereby the head height space is increased more. Also, the roof-raising and other such kinds of loft conversion ideas work wonders in the bungalow homes.


 The loft conversion Essex provides all guidance of the loft conversion and makes sure it is handled by professional experts so that you don’t have to face any difficulty during the work. Furthermore, they also look out to the matter that the cost is managed well and the clients do not feel the burden of the expenses whenever they think of the loft conversion of their bungalows. Thus, the next time you think of adding the extra space to your house, do not hesitate to call upon them for the work.

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