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10 Loft Conversion Ideas to Enhance Your Home

loft conversion ideas
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It is not exactly clear as to when exactly did the idea of converting loft or attic spaces for normal use started to gain traction with homeowners. What is for certain though is that converting loft spaces into living spaces is something more and more homeowners are opting for with each passing day.

And why wouldn’t they! Converting the loft is an excellent way to create more usable space in your home, space that was otherwise being totally wasted. The idea’s wider adoption has also made it more affordable to a wider section of homeowners. Costs associated with loft conversion have come down quite a bit since the first conversion was done. All these factors have meant architects and builders are increasingly inundated with inquiries from people wanting to put their loft spaces to good use.

If you are one such homeowner, take a step back and remind yourself that there is a lot more you can do with your loft than just convert it into another bedroom. This post explores ten ideas that present a perfect marriage between form and function and showcase the humble loft space in a completely new light.

1. A loft kitchen

loft kitchen

Not the most common of loft ideas out there; all the more reason why you should seriously consider moving your kitchen to the rafters. Yes, the idea can cause a fair degree of disruption in your daily life. The reward at the end though is a comfy and secluded kitchen. Not only is a loft kitchen perfect for hosting dinner parties but also frees up a lot of extra space in your home. And imagine the view as you rustle up your favorite dishes, ranging from clear sunny skies in the morning to gorgeous starlit skies at night.

The idea of converting the loft into a kitchen is not the most practical one around. But that doesn’t quite make it a worthless pursuit. Make sure your loft is large enough to accommodate a fully-functional kitchen as small lofts are just not kitchen material. Cooking or hosting guests for dinner in a cramped space is not the smartest idea. That is why you ought to go for loft kitchen conversion only if the space at your disposal is large and airy. It is complex, takes a lot of time and is costlier than other loft bedroom conversions, but if done right, it can surprise you every day for the rest of your life.

2. A loft bedroom

loft bedroom

One of the most popular loft conversion design ideas, a bedroom conversion is a reliable and cost effective way of turning your loft space into something useful. Thanks to its popularity, you’ll also find the widest variety of designs for bedroom loft conversions. If the dimensions of your loft, local development laws, and your budget allow it, a loft bedroom conversion is a great way to create an extra retiring space in your home. Just imagine sleeping under a skylight that offers an unparalleled view of the night sky!

3. A self-sufficient loft apartment

loft apartment

If you thought a loft kitchen was an outrageous idea, this would surely knock your socks off. It is an uncommon and complicated bit of workmanship but the end result is sure to help when you have relatives and guests staying over. You can even let the space out or have your teen experience what living like an adult is all about.

A full-fledged loft apartment is the costliest of loft conversions as well. After all, you are designing and building a new apartment with all basics like plumbing, cabling, electricals and flooring. Needless to say, consider this idea only if your loft is large and the local development authority allows extensions as the design will most certainly need one.

4. An expansive loft storage

loft storage

Vying with loft bedrooms for the crown of the cheapest loft conversion are loft storages. Converting your home’s loft into a storage area is not only cheap but also quite practical and doable. They free up a majority of the storage space in your home and are capable of gobbling up a lot of your wanted and unwanted goods and preserving them for years on end. Loft conversions for storage are also a popular option for businesses where the extra storage is useful for stowing stuff away.

5. Doing away with the loft


If your home’s attic is not large enough for any useful conversion or you simply don’t want a conversion and would like to use it some other way, why not get rid of it altogether? A large open-plan lower level is what you get by marrying your loft conversion and room expansion needs. Removing the loft pushes up your home’s ceiling by a sizable margin and makes it appear brighter and airier.

6. A loft for dining

loft for dining

It is not often that the dining area overshadows the food itself; and that definitely isn’t the case when it comes to the dining areas of your home. But that is exactly what happens upon converting the loft into a resplendent dining area. Within your home yet away from it, the loft dining room is the perfect way to leave your guests awestruck every time they reach out for a bite. And candlelit dinners are so passé, why not dine under the twinkle of stars instead!

7. A bedroom loft suite

loft bedroom suite

How does the idea of a secluded suite inside your own house sound? Well that is exactly what you can achieve by converting your loft into a spectacular double bedroom. The conversion can be quite useful when you have to accommodate guests comfortably. Of course, the space could be your own little retreat as well. Works much better and cheaper than a hotel, don’t you think?

8. A loft bathroom

 loft bathroom

What if a shower is not enough after a tiring day at work, what if you need something more? What if a loft bathroom is the answer to that, are you ready to consider this option for your loft?

Loft bathroom conversions are among the most complicated tasks and require a fair deal of ingenuity and planning. You have to deal with the plumbing, the bathroom fittings, the drainage, and the flooring. If that seems a bit daunting, picture yourself dipped into a tub placed directly underneath the skylight, the soft moonlight slipping through the glass as you wash out your day’s worries. Now that should be enough to convince you.

9. A loft library

loft library

Alongside happiness, does the arrival of new books also cause you despair as to where would they sit on on already overcrowded shelf? In that case, the loft library is just what the doctor ordered. Turning your loft into a library is among the simplest of conversions, requires very little time and costs even lesser money.

The end result though is a beautiful library where you can not only store all your books in their glory but also acts as a designated reading space or study. As far as ideas go, there is nothing loftier than a loft library.

10. A loft workplace

loft workspace

People who work from home are going to love this idea. The ideal home workplace is comfortable, secluded and well-designed; sounds like your office workspace, doesn’t it? A loft workplace, as such, is a delightful way of transforming your cold and dull loft into a bright, quiet and productive space. An added advantage is the skylight which drenches your home office in wonderful sunshine.

Converting your loft into usable space has lots of advantages. It can help you avoid relocation when you need a bigger home to accommodate a growing family, make multi-generational living a real possibility, offer extra space when needed and, this might pique your interest a lot, add to the value of your home. General estimates peg that close to 85 percent of the cost you incur with a loft conversion can be added to the value of your home when you put it out for sale. So although it might look like an expense now, the loft conversion will pay you back if and when you decide to sell your home.

If you are interested in exploring options that can make the most of your loft space, “Castle Point Constructions” is at your service. Offering loft conversion Essex has come to know and trust for decades now, Castle Point is a family-owned building company that specializes in a wide variety of construction services. Get in touch with us today for a peek into what we can do with your loft.

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