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Primary Types of Loft Conversions for Home Improvement

types of loft conversions
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The traditional definition of a loft describes it plainly as an upper story or an attic or a storage space in a building which lies directly under the roof. But with the right ideas and design this supposedly dull space, can be brought to life with some stunning interior changes that highlight the best features of the room, without compromising on its utility.

Instead of wasting an entire room you can use it as an expression of your style statement which can be portrayed as an extension of your personality. Great designs with aesthetically pleasing wallpapers and classic furniture can make your loft look like a page straight out of a home d├ęcor magazine.

In order to ensure whether your loft is suitable for conversion or not you will have to determine the feasibility by measuring the physical dimensions like; roof space, the height, the pitch and also the type of structure. Your loft can serve any purpose right from your child’s playroom or a bedroom, a guest room, a study or a relaxed office space.

Once you’ve made the decision and the basics are covered, you will have to take into account safety measures that comply with the legal regulations. In a majority of cases, this is never an issue because most loft conversions fall under the category of permitted development where prior permission is not required. This, however, is subject to specific terms and conditions which have to be complied with. Various other conversion components include added insulation, heating, lighting, electrical connections, reinforcement of the floor, a staircase that leads to the loft, etc.

Even from a value proposition point of view, it has been proved that home improvements that lead to an increase in the floor area of a house like a loft conversion or extension can significantly add value to a property. However, most important of all, it gives you more space to live with. What was previously ideal and left un-used can now be put to good use and at the same time give you an opportunity to use your creativity to come up with your unique layout.

The primary type of loft conversions are:

  1. Dormer loft conversions

These are the most popular and easy to do. The roof structure is planned in a way to give it the shape of a flat-roofed box dormer. This structure provides ample natural lighting and also increases the roof space. Pair this up with French doors for a balcony and your room will be flooded with natural light. Making it look surreal and economical for your budget at the same time.

  1. Roof light loft conversions

These conversions require the least amount of structural changes. A simple addition of new windows and your loft is ready for you. Your Velux windows with all the high-tech sensors will do its magic and give the space a classic avatar.

  1. Mansard loft conversions

These conversions add more space to your loft in the sense that the roof slopes are replaced by steep sloping side along with a flat roof over the top adding more volume to the room.

  1. Modular extension loft conversions

These are the conversions that are entirely hassle-free. The existing loft being unsuitable is replaced by a modular loft that is designed and manufactured off-site and on completion is installed in the current space by removing the old roof and replacing it with a new one.

  1. Hip-to-gable loft conversions

In this form of transformation, the sloping roofs are altered and converted into a new vertical gable by building up a straight end wall in place of the roof. Higher and brighter ceilings allow more space and light in the room making it look

  1. Gable-to-gable loft conversions

In this form of transformation, a new box extension is added in between the existing gables. Pair this up with graffiti on the walls and many more exciting elements in the form of antique furniture to make it an expression of your individuality.

These re-structuring ideas give you ways in which you can completely revamp your loft space making it look exciting and non-trivial, giving you an opportunity to fully reveal the beauty of your style and watch it transform into a gem.

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