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When Was My House Built UK?

when was my house built

You just settled in your new home. And you realised that it doesnÂ’t look like the rest of the houses in your neighbourhood and it sparks your interest. You ask yourself “what year was my house built?” Apart from satisfying your thirst for knowledge, it is essential to know when your house was built. The […]

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Building A House – Pros & Cons

Building A House

To make a decision, there are many variables that you must consider, and the same rule applies to building a house. When it comes to shelter, you have options. You have to decide whether to rent or choose between buying or building your own home. So, you must weigh the pros and cons of each […]

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6 Soothing Bedroom Wall Colours


A house is one of the major investments that an individual can make in a lifetime. It is an investment that can take years to plan, but it is quite rewarding if it is a success. Owning a nice house is not the end of your investment endeavours. You have to equip your house with […]

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