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The Do’s & Don’ts of Loft Conversions | Infographic

loft conversion do donts
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A loft conversion is one of the most cheaper ways to add more living space to your home. It also ranks among the lesser complicated types of home extensions and can be completed without disturbing your daily routine. But as simple to execute and cheap as they are, loft conversions also need careful planning. With this infographic, we look at a few important do’s and don’ts when it comes to converting your loft into a cosy and comfortable living space.

First up are loft conversion regulations. While most loft conversions are simple enough to not require any planning permission or other regulatory approvals, there are others that do. For instance, if you are converting the loft into a fully-fledged flat, a loft conversion planning permission will likely be mandatory. To be sure if your plan is bound by local loft conversion regulations, you can consult an architect or even the builder you’ve chosen. Loft conversion contractors generally have a good idea of local building laws and can help you obtain necessary approvals.

That said, don’t leave it all up to the contractor. Regardless of how reputed they are, make yourself a part of the entire loft conversion process. Check if everything is going according to the agreed plan. Taking an active interest in how a part of your home is built is always recommended.

Similarly, don’t hold yourself back from sharing your doubts with the contractor. There is no dearth of loft conversion questions to ask and any good builder or contractor would have no issues answering them. And talking of builders, make sure you go through at least three loft conversion quotes before settling for one. The mantra holds true for loft conversion design ideas as well. Remember that there is nothing to stop you from experimenting with and customising different loft conversion ideas.

If you are looking for a reputed builder in Essex that ticks each one of the below boxes, call us today. Castle Point is a family-owned building contractor that offers high-quality loft conversion in Essex. By hiring our services, you can complete your loft conversion project on budget and on time. Get in touch with us today for a ‘free’ loft conversion quote.

loft conversion infographic

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